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Basket only on specific pages


Would it be possible to disable basket icon in shop settings inside theme but to show basket only on specific pages ? I mean I just want this basket to be visible on shop page not in header menu.

Do you have shortcode for basket maybe?

Thank you


  • Hello,

    Cart icon can be displayed only in the header. You can add a cart widget, but it is not an icon, and its displays a products list from the cart.

    You can hide the cart icon on your website except for particular pages with a custom CSS code. Let me know if you need help writing it, but I will need a link to your website.


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    Hey Phil,

    I have found option to just enable side cart but its kinda awkward without basket on top :) so yes I would prefer this css code to show basket only on shop pages but not on whole website, because website is not really ment to be shop there is just couple of journals for sell rest is company website.

    I have sent you link to page using themeforest contact form, you will se now cart on top is gone because side cart is enabled in theme options.


  • Can you active back the basket in the header, please?

    To hide the icon, I need to have it enabled first.


  • Hey Phil, its enabled now , kinda ugly because lots of items in menu wel at least on laptop goes a bit messed up :(

  • This code will remove the cart icon from all pages, except those with the WooCommerce functionality.

    body:not(.woocommerce) #Top_bar .top_bar_right #header_cart{
     display: none!important;

    If you want to leave it only on the page you have sent a link to, use this one instead:

    body:not(.woocommerce-shop) #Top_bar .top_bar_right #header_cart{
     display: none!important;

    To fix the problem with the menu, check the following link:


  • Awesome thx Phil , yes first option is best only on woocommerce pages .

    About menu yes I know its just too long tried already all options and only what fix is smaller letters which needs to be 12px but then thats really too small to read , thx man awesome help

  • I am glad I could help.

    If you have any other questions or problems, please, let me know.


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