Cannot update Layer Slider


I cannot use layer slider on my webpage. In BeTheme/Install Plugin I see that the current version of the plugin is 5.6.2 and that the newest available version is 7.0.7 but when I click update the system says I already have the latest version and nothing changes.

Meanwhile, If I try to add a slider to my webpage it is not showing any content :(

Do you know where I make the mistake, ot what could be the problem?

My licenc is active and I have support till 6 more months.




  • I was waiting for 3 days trying to find the solution, and now right after posting I found what I did wrong.

    So if you have ths problem the workaround is to swithxh of the plugin from the plugins menu, go back to betheme/install plugins and start the update agai. If the plugin is switched of, it will update.


  • Hi,

    That is great you found a solution to your problem.

    If I can help you with anything else, please, let me know.


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