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Install Default Store from pre-built websites to Amazon LightSail WordPress Machine


I am trying to install Default Store from Pre-built websites to an Amazon LightSail WordPress Machine and I receive below errors. I have installed all required plugins and have reset the database to make a clean install. Please help. Thanks


  • Hey,

    Please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Can I reinstall that demo on your website?


  • edited January 25

    Thanks, I sent you below message with the login details. my email address is: [email protected]


    In response to this ticket:

    Please find below details:


    user: hrsh***

    password: ------

    and you can reinstall everything you need

  • You have a low max input time and max input vars values set on your server.

    Please, contact your hosting provider and ask to increase these values:

    • max input time to at least 180s
    • max input vars to at least 5000

    After that, check if the import goes without problems.


  • I changed the values to the suggested values and restarted the server, but now when I try to install the theme I get a Timeout Error which I believe it is because of your servers to respond to my website request. Please check it. Thanks

  • In the server information, I can see that you only increased the time limit, but the max input time should also be increased.

    Please, change that, and see if the problem persists.


  • Thanks, I can manage to install it without changing those values. I have another question and will appreciate if you can answer me. I searched on this forum and also on YouTube and could find the answer.

    I want to create a new Product and can see in the existing products come with the theme, there is a tab ''Additional Information", but could not find where I can add/edit it in the backend. Could you please let me know where is it ? or a link to a document or video to show me how to do it. Thanks

  • Additional information appears when you fill the shipping tab.

    Also, they contain attributes you add.


  • Thank you so much

  • Hi Again,

    sorry to ask my questions here, I thought it is better to ask them here than create another topic. I will appreciate your help.

    • I have a scenario for my products, I want to create an attribute for my products and call it "theme" which it can have values like "color", "gold", "blackwhite", "modern" and ... and then create products and assign these attributes to products. These are not categories by the way. For example: Product A can have "color" and "modern" theme attribute and Product B can have "gold" and "modern theme attribute. Now my question is how can I have a button on my home page to say "Show Gold theme" and when user clicks on it, it opens "shop" page and just shows products which their theme attribute is "Gold". I can see you have buttons in your default theme which their link has this "?filter_brand=vedeo", can I use same like this "?filter_theme=gold" ???
    • In single product page on bottom left and bottom right, it shows a thumbnail of next and previous product, how can I disable it ?
    • how can I have a menu item for "Blog" which shows all Blog posts ? what I found is just a menu item to each blog post.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful BeTheme. It is amazing.

  • 1) Yes, it should work this way if you put this link in the button.

    2) Go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Global -> Navigation & Share, and uncheck the Sticky arrows option.

    3) Do you have the main blog page? If yes, you can attach it to the menu in Appearance -> Menus.

    By the way, it is somewhat better to create new forum discussions. 😉


  • Thanks for quick response, I try them and will let you know if I still have problem, much appreciated.

  • Hi Again,

    number 1 - filtering products does not work

    what I did, is from Products -> Attributes, I have created an attribute called Theme ( slug: theme ) and add terms of : blackwhite and color to it

    create a product and use Theme attribute for it and then assign blackwhite value to that product

    then put a button on Home page with link like this :

    [button title="Browse products" link="" size="1"]

    and when I click on the button, it opens Shop page but does not show any product

    Please help, thanks

  • Are you sure that you assigned this attribute to at least one product?

    I have checked your website, the shop page shows two products and neither of them has Theme attribute.

    Best regards

  • Thanks for your response, check this product please

    it has theme assigned to it

    then the button does not show anything

  • Please, create a sidebar for your WooCommerce page with an attributes filter.

    You can check how to do that on the following link:

    When you do that, choose attributes you need to filter from and copy a link from the generated page.


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