Revolution Sliders for the Spa demo

I am trying to recreate the revolution sliders for the Spa demo, since the zip files contained in the revolution-slider-demo folder were all empty. 

If you can just send me valid and files that would be sufficient. 

If not, then I need your help to recreate these sliders.

For the "spa" slider, what should the proper settings be for the Layers Grid Size - Grid Height and Grid Width? 

For the "spa" slider, how did you superimpose the "YOUR SPECIAL HEALTHY WORLD" title, followed by the text and down arrow?

For the "spa-content"  slider, how did you force the slider to have the same height as the "WELCOME TO OUR SPA CENTER" column that is directly to the right?


  • Hi,

    please download recent package from themeforest because all slider are included for sure. We checked this package already and sliders are there.
  • I  will try that, but for now could you please answer this one question:

    For the "spa" slider, how did you superimpose the "YOUR SPECIAL HEALTHY WORLD" title, followed by the text and down arrow?

  • We just used text layer for text but for arrow we used layer image and under "Layer Links & Advanced Params" we set four first options. We recommend to import slider to understand how this was done because it's much easier and faster way.
  • I downloaded BeTheme again and unzipped the main file.  This time I noticed that the _MACOSX subdirectory in the unzipped folder is displaying in green.  Apparently this means that this folder is encrypted, which is why I wasn't able to access the files in the revolution-slider-demo several layers down.

    How do I unencrypt the _MACOSX subdirectory?

  • I figured out how to decrypt the _MACOSX subdirectory and all of its descendants, but I still cannot access the file in the demos folder.

    When I click on the file I get this message:  Windows cannot open the folder.  The Compressed (zipped) Folder 'C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads[BeTheme Unzipped\_MACOSX\betheme-premium-wordpress-theme\revolution-slider-demo\demos\' is invalid.

    When I right-click on it and select "Extract All", I get this message:  The compressed(zipped) folder is empty.  Before you can extract files, you must copy files to this compressed (zipped) folder.

    When I attempt to import the file into the Revolution Sliders page of WordPress, I guet this message:  Error:  Wrong export slider file format!  This could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not enabled.

    Please send me a valid copy of the file so I can move forward with this.  Please send it to me at [email protected].   Thanks!   -jc

  • You don't need to use anything what is under _MACOSX folder. This folder is created automatically by plugin but there is nothing to be used. You must use files from main folder, not mac.
  • I'm also having trouble editing the text beneath the first slider in the Spa demo. I cannot find the option anywhere. Would you tell me specificity where it is?
  • @victorduwon Each texts which are on slider can be edited under Revolution Slider section where slides are.
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