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corrupted license

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Dear Customer Service!

I bought the BeTheme home builder:

Purchase Date: 2022-01-25 15:00:35 UTC

Licensee: Csaba Zoltán Vörös

Item Title: Betheme | Responsive Multipurpose WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

Item URL:

theme / 7758048

The server of my website was operated by Webserver Kft. In Hungary, it takes 8 days for the requested domain name to become final, so the website could only be edited with:

I am attaching a letter from the web server:

"In addition, we have installed a Wordpress content manager for you at your request.

The login details here are:

Username: admin

The password is the password specified in the order.

The e-mail address for the Wordpress user is [email protected]

You provided the username and password required to use the service when ordering storage. If you have forgotten these in the meantime, you can change them using our customer portal system (

If the requested domain name is not yet active (eg on a preliminary waiting list), you can access the above services or your website at the following address:

http: // {{subdomain}} "

"> Dear Csaba!


> The domain started developing the site using WordPress.

> It is necessary to change the url in WP admin.


> You've found a description at the link below:


> [1] "

After 8 days I wanted my website address not to include

"webusers" word

I wanted to fix the website title accordingly, but I messed it up because I left the "hu" extension in it and only deleted the word "webusers". :( :( :( :(

what i wanted GOOD:

and the spoiled BAD:

Because I saved it badly in the Wordpreess editor, I couldn't access Wordpress or the website from there because there was no such website :(

We were also unable to access Wordpress with the help of Webserver customer service, so a new worpress ID was created for me.

Here, however, I was unable to re-use the purchased Betheme license because I activated it on the corrupted website. I wanted to delete it from there, but since I typed the website address in Worpress and I couldn't log back in, I couldn't deactivate or delete it from there.

(Because my intentions are fair, I bought a new license to work.)

Web server mail

"Feb 1, Wed 13:53 (17 hours ago)

recipient: voros.csaba.zoltan

New WordPress-based website successfully set up:

You can access the administration interface with the following information:

Username: ***

I would like to ask for their help so that I can use my previously purchased license 7c96f430-fda3-*** .......... new.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Regards Csaba Vörös.


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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü