Failed to load resources

Hello betheme,

The add to cart button is not working and keeps on loading.

Even the side cart is not working.

we checked the console on google these 2 errors appeared.

thank you,


  • Hi,

    Please, go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products disable the AJAX option, and check if the problem persists.


  • its enabled and not working forgot to mention that

  • disable or enable?

  • ok i disabled the setting. it stopped loading and adding to the cart.

    But the side cart still not working. it used to slide from the right

  • Some WooCommerce plugins require a page reload to work, and you are using one of them. That is why you had errors in the console.

    When the AJAX option is disabled, the page is reloaded, and the products are correctly added to the cart. However, this option is required to open the side cart after successful addition.

    So now, the side cart will open only when a client clicks on it.

    Best regards

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