Feedback for Latest Version 26.0.2

Hi BeTheme team,

first of all a big shoutout to you guys!

BeTheme is the only theme I'm using for years and built more than 50 websites with it. So far I was very happy with the Muffin Builder and its usage. Editing elements was always super fast and easy to access.

But yesterday I updated a website to the latest version 26.0.2 and honestly I'm shocked by the changes concerning the editing options of elements. In particular the editing options in the tab ADVANCED.

Ok, there are some new features and some options like gradient backgrounds which are nice. But the new layout with all the dropdown menus is completely confusing. There are so much more klicks and scrolling necessary to change some basic stuff of elements.

Furthermore the small window which opens up when editing an element, doesn't make it easier to navigate. Is it possible to change at least the height of this window to full height of the screen? This will make it faster and easier to navigate between the dropdowns (which I don't like either).

That's my honest feedback so far. Nevertheless thanks for your great work!

All the best



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