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Revolution Slider and sidebar in every blog post

Hi, I'm developing a new site with your theme, the thing is that I have to import posts from another site, normally I would use the Muffin builder to create a way to display things like I need to in a template page, then I would had clone it for every post, but this time I have no way to make the template show as designed since that would mean editing 1700 posts, is there a way I can do a template like I can do for the woocommerce products to make all posts display as intended?

Here is the design I'm trying to apply, thanks for your time.


  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, a dynamic post/page content template like WooCommerce is unavailable.

    However, you can assign a sidebar for all your posts in Betheme -> Theme options -> Sidebars.

    There is no option to do the same with the revolution slider, but if you want to have the identical image at the top of your posts, you can set the background image in the Betheme -> Theme options -> Header & Subheader -> Subheader.

    It can be overwritten in the post/page option.

    Best regards

  • Thanks for your answer, I guess I´ll have to brute-force this one then, I I could ask for a future functionality that would be a way to set a Revolution Slider module for all blog posts and one for all portfolio posts, that would be quite useful, is something that I have thought a lot, but normally the Muffin Builder allows you to cheat at that, having to migrate posts made me realize that sometimes you need a format for the content that may be impossible to apply if you are using content already in existence, so having an option like the one for Woocommerce for psts and portfolio would be just perfect.

  • We have this feature on our feature voting list.


    If you want it to appear in our theme, please, leave your vote.


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