Update not working


I have betheme registered for my web site: www.artisancollector.com

When I look at the license tool, the domain says artisancollector.flywheelsites.com, which is the same web site but secondary domain.

I would like to update betheme to the latest version and it is not letting me.

Do I have to deregister the theme from the wordpress panel, and re-register with www.artisancollector.com?



  • Hi,

    Yes, you need to deregister your license key and re-register it on www.artisancollector.com.

    All of the themes on the Envato market are under the same license, details: https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

    You can use one license per end product to use any pre-built website you desire or mix them, but you cannot use the theme license on two domains.

    The only exceptions are for subdomains or subfolders. You can register unlimited subdomains with one license key, as long as the main domain is registered under the same key.

    This also applies to subfolders on localhost installations.


  • Thanks. Do I deregister and re-register the license key from within the Wordpress Betheme setting area, or use your license key tool?

  • You can deregister it through Betheme -> Dashboard.

    License key tool is rather for situations when you want to deregister a license from a website that was removed, or you have problems with deregistering through the Dashboard panel.

    Best regards

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