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I installed your ShopAssistant template on my Betheme theme and I noticed some old/deprecated elements or options. Could you please help me with this:

1) The first one is a section using an "Equal Height - items in wrap" old option (see which is not available in new created sections. So which option is needed to be used to replace this one?

2) The second one is a wrap using an "Elements margin bottom" deprecated version (see which is not available anymore in new created wraps. So which option is needed to be used to replace this one?

3) The third element is a "strange" divider which can only be moved, duplicated or deleted, but not modified (see What's wrong with this element and why isn't it as other dividers included in the template pages?

Thanks a lot!


  • Hi,

    Please, visit the following link:

    There you can find out what deprecated means.

    1) The Equal Height | Wraps and Equal Height | items in wrap can be found now in Advanced -> Positioning. Please, see the following video tutorial about it:

    2) The margin option is placed in Advanced -> Spacing.

    3) This divide never had editing options.

    Look at the following screenshot:

    In the section, there are two 1/2 wraps. I wanted to have them on top of another, so I added a divider because without it they would go next to each other.

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply!

    1) Ok, thanks

    2) I already used the margin option, but if I'm right, the "Elements margin bottom" option added the same margin to all elements contained in a wrap... So do you mean that with the new version of your builder, it's now necessary to add a margin value to all the elements contained in the same wrap, one by one ?!

    3) Ok

    Thanks a lot!

  • Yes, now you have to assign a margin to each element.

    But to make your work faster, you can use the Copy/Paste style option which shows on right-click on the element.

    Notice that you can Copy/Paste style only for the elements of the same type, so you can copy from wrap to wrap, but this will not work if you copy from the Column text to Image for example.

    Best regards

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