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Anyone know an EASY way to make a blog post?!?

I bought Be just 3 days ago--and I'm not a programmer or designer, just an author and cartoonist that wanted to have a website unlike everyone else on the planet writing books.

Well this will DO it--but for all the challenging/difficult things Be takes care of, it seems to COMPLICATE everything that USED to be simple: like write a single blog post.

I'm wondering if ANYONE has a simple method (that I'm guessing that I'm missing here) to build and start posting articles on a blog?

I switched over after using DIVI for 10 years--and I've fallen in love with the sliders, but if I can't figure out how to write on my writers website, I just wasted my money and will have to leave this system by the wayside.

...and to Muffin--guys, you have something truly amazing, but I think you've simplified something into complication, and there are a hell of a lot of people like ME in the world that will gladly join this community if the basic day-to-day functions are as simple as they USED to be.

Starting with writing a post in a processor.

Any suggestions would be helpful, cause I REALLY want to stay.


A discouraged user.


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