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Work Around for Accordion Glitch with Be Builder

I'm finding a lot of glitches with this new builder--and I've only been using it for a week now, but I wanted to help post a work around if anyone is finding the 'accordion' not saving content.

I started making content--but after 3 sections, it refused to save. I cleared the cache, and YES, I also turned off all plugins, cleared the cache, then reactivated the plugins--no change.

For some reason, the title of the accordion sections will save, just not the content inside them.

But I found that if you create a section, save it, then MAKE A NEW SECTION AND SAVE IT--the previous section will save. HAHAHAHA--I'm not smart like the rest of you, I'm just a cartoonist and writer, but this seems really broken.

Here's the result after I make a news section...

So I now make what I need in accordion sections, then make a new section, and save it all....then delete the last section I don't need. Works fine.

...and is this MUFFIN or Be?? You folks are confusing me.

Hope this helps someone--and if this accordion gets fixed, I'd love that--but I'm patient.

Now I need to know why the pre-built sections aren't saving either!


  • Hi,

    1) It seems that is an issue with the live version of our Builder. I was able to reproduce it in my environment, so I reported this issue to the dev team. The fix for it should be included in the next update.

    As a workaround for now, please, modify the accordion via backend builder.

    2) It used to be Muffin Builder, but we decided to standardize our product, and change its name to match Betheme.

    3) Can you tell me, the pre-built section are not saved at all, or only if you add them at the end of your pages?

    Best regards

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