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I installed this template

In the Work page I am unable to create additional categories. Also I can't create additional pages using the sampe page model for the work section/page consisting of the actual category page and section page please see these links +

I should be be abble to copy both pages and save them as templates but this does not work at all.

Also I noticed that Slider Revolution, WP Bakey and Muffin Live Buidler have very limited editing capabilites. How come ? I thought these licences were included....

Please follow up and resolve the above major issues. Note that I have been working on this website since end of february and nothing works properly compared to other templates .....

This is urgent. Please get back to me ASAP so that I can directly impact on the issues and have your template working propely right away !



  • Hi,

    1) The "Work" page from that demo is the main Portfolio page, and the only content in the builder it has is a Column text element at the top.

    The rest of the content on that page is Single Portfolios generated there automatically. If you want to add new ones, you need to head to Portfolio and click on Add New.

    You cannot create a template from the pages like Blog, Portfolio, or Shop because their content is generated automatically, and they have none in the builder.

    If you want to show Portfolio items on other pages, you need to use the Portfolio element in the builder.

    2) Purchase codes (license keys) are not included for plugins bundled into the theme. It's because of the Themeforest license & agreements. This applies to all themes, of course. However, there is no need to use this code because the plugins are fully functional without it.

    Something like the "Free" version of a plugin does not exist. All bundled plugins are included with extended licenses, and users can use these plugins within the theme without needing to purchase them separately. This is standard and according to ThemeForest rules.

    More information about the bundled plugins you will find in the link below:

    However, the BeBuilder (previously Muffin Builder) is our builder, and when you purchase our theme, you have access to all of its features. Can you tell me which parts are limited in it, please?


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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü