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WoWoocommerce variations not filtering out invalid combinations

Hi There

I am using Betheme for my website. There are variable products created using woocommerce. The problem is when I select an option, it displays all unrelated variations in next select box. It should show only related variations and filter out options based on the previous option selected.

I switched to standard Twentry Twenty theme and it variations work perfectly fine. It don't work on betheme.

Product page url https://elitedriveaustralia.com.au/product/elitedrive-power-module-toyota-hilux

I used this code in child theme funtions.php but it did not work.

/* Increase Woocommerce Variation Threshold */
function wc_ajax_variation_threshold_modify( $threshold, $product ){
  $threshold = '1111';
  return  $threshold;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_ajax_variation_threshold', 'wc_ajax_variation_threshold_modify', 10, 2 );

I faced similar issue last month on another theme and this code above worked perfectly fine. but no luck with Betheme. please can you help.



  • Hi,

    We do not provide help with the theme files modifications, so, unfortunately, I cannot help you with it.

    However, we have this feature (hiding unrelated variations) on our to-do list, so it should be available soon, but I cannot tell the estimated time.

    Best regards

  • Hello

    First of all its not a "Feature" that you need to put in the theme. Its called a bug, that you need to fix. By default, wordpress variable products hide unrelated variations, that is how variations work. My entire setup works fine with other themes. However when I switch to Betheme, the STANDARD woocommerce variable products start showing entire list of variations, while it is not supposed to do so.

    Please have a courage to fix things when you sell a product with 6 months free support. I am sorry but this was not the reply anyone would expect. Or it could be my fault, i was not able to explian things correctly.

    Let me try again.

    In the screenshot below, First part with Betheme is incorrect. Only Power option available for 2494>192> selection is 88. However it is displaying all other variations for 2393 etc. Second part with default Twenty Twenty Two is correct. I only swtiched the theme. No change was made, except the the theme switch.

  • Yes, I understood what you referred to in the first message, and I might falsely call it a feature, not a bug.

    However, as I said in the previous message, we are aware of it, and soon it should be resolved.

    Best regards

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