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licenses for various bethemes

Hi. I have seem to have miss-saved/miss-placed/lost 3 or 4 of my betheme licenses. EnvatoMarket/Themeforest has like zero help options available other than their FAQ and none of their FAQ's can answer me. I can provide the 1st couple of nrs/letters of the licenses and on what site they are. Is there a way you can assist me with getting these license keys in full?


  • Hi,

    You can use our API tool if you know at least one license key assigned to your account.

    In the topic above, you will find instructions and a link to our license tool.

    When you enter the license key and your username, it will show all your licenses and to which website they are assigned.


  • thanks, I do have that tool, but it doesn't show the full license key and the website are no longer active or I don't have access to them any more, but even then, I won't see the license key in full on the website. For example, the one site the files got corrupted so I can't open the website folders for the client, and for another client the file never got saved by the staff member so I have no clue which one of the downloads on Envato is is that client's so I can re-download.

  • Well, we cannot do anything more about license keys, we cannot provide full license numbers, because we simple do not keep them, they are verified by Envato servers if they are ok or not.

    If you have any invoices, you can send them to envato and they surely will send you missing license keys.


  • ok, thank you. Envato does have record of all the sales, i just need to find the license keys of 3 or 4 thems that I bought that I can't seem to find the key txt file for. On my Envato downloads history there are like 103 bethemes and none of them gives me an estimate purchase date, if I have that I can track the theme by it's expiry date on your tool, but they don;t give purchase dates on the history.

    Thank you. I have contacted envato a couple of days ago as well, they haven't responded yet.

  • I understand.

    With that amount of license keys it can be problematic to find for sure, but it's really confusing, that the license key you are searching for is not listed there, maybe its a bug on their side?

    I'm sorry that we cannot help you with this one, but simply we are limited in that case, we do not keep or manage the license keys, it's all related to the envato.

    But, if you will have some further questions, feel free to ask, it's my pleasure to help.


  • It is listed, I just don't know which one it is. But I saw now, if I hover over the Download button the URL that pops up at the bottom of the screen to show me where the button directs to actually includes the license key, so if I have the list of license keys whose .txt files I have missing on my server from your tool I can use the 1st couple of letters & nrs to search for the correct license simply by hovering over the Download Button by each theme listed until I find a match and then I can download the /txt with the purchase key in again. So got the problem solved. Thank you though for trying to assist!

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