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Landing page ?

edited April 2022 in Other

Do you have any landing page layouts ? İf i have alread bought it too where can i find it ?

for products that i sell.

like these page:



  • Hi,

    The page you have sent can be found in Betheme -> Pre-built websites.

    If you want to hide the Header and Footer on the pages, you need to select the Blank Page template in the page options.

    Best regards

  • Thank you, i want to ask one more questions. İf i install this webpage, my previous installed website from betheme deleted ?

    i do not want to change whole site, i only want to import one additional landing page ? Because it gave me a database reset warning. can you look to picture ?

    Thank you.

  • Of course you can import only one page, just use our Single Page Import feature, see the documentation here:


  • Thanks but i had problem with that.

    İ click on "new page" and i import that page


    This is what happened :)


    it did not download pictures content. Can you help ?

  • The single-page import feature does not import the images, only the builder content layout.

    If you would like to import this demo with images, you need to skip the database reset when choosing it from the pre-built websites list.


  • Thank you. İ want to import this page. And i want to use it on different page on my website, not as main page. What will happen my previously imported main page ? İs new one replace it ? i do not want that happen ?


  • If you skip the database reset, your current homepage will stay untouched.

    What can happen is that the homepage displays can be changed to the imported one, but you can select it back in Settings -> Reading.

    Also, the theme options will be replaced with the ones from the demo. You can save your current theme options to some notepad and import them back after demo install:

    You can test that by creating a subdomain with a copy of your current website and do all these actions to see how it works.

    You can register unlimited subdomains with one license key, as long as the main domain is registered under the same key.

    This also applies to subfolders on localhost installations.


  • Thank you but problem again. İ imported new website. But my main page changed. Now i have 2 home page. İ imported my saved backup and now turned to my older website template. İ need to use this new home page design on different page. Page, for example: centilmenkulubu.com/newdesign . how i can do this ?

  • You need to edit the imported page and change its name. You can also change its URL Slug.

    After that, change your Home page, in Settings -> Reading to the correct one.


  • Thanks. :)

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