Free Plugin not activated

It showed on the themeforest page that the slider revolution was free during the time of the purchase but now it's not working.. I can't import templates not even the packaged ones.. shows to activate for importing. Please let me know how to activate or where can I find the key or how to import packaged sliders if your claims about free premium plugins are false..


  • Hi,

    Purchase codes (license keys) are not included for plugins that are bundled into the theme. It’s because of the Themeforest license & agreements. This applies to all themes, of course. However, there is no need to use this code because the plugins are fully functional without it.

    Something like the “Free” version of a plugin does not exist. All bundled plugins are included with extended licenses, and users can use these plugins within the theme without needing to purchase them separately. This is standard and according to ThemeForest rules.

    More information about the bundled plugins, you will find in the link below:


  • That's what my problem is.. it's not fully functional. O can't Import anything niether update the plugin. It shows activation message everytime I try to use it.

    It should be pre activated right?

  • You can update the bundled plugin from Betheme -> Install plugins.

    If the newest version is not available yet, please wait for it. The plugins you buy with the theme are not premium plugins. If you want instant updates, you have to purchase the plugins separately.


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