BeSpa content slider

Hi I have imported the setting for the spa webpage and sliders.

I have changed the images in the content slider - keeping the images the exact same sizes that your images were but there seems to be a strange alignment issue. I have included pictures because - on your demo site everything is aligned fantastically.

it shows fine full screen as you can see here:


However when you rsize - the right column dissapears underneath the image and also note that the revolution slider navigation is not centred correctly:


When resized even further - it's completely out of alignment:


I havent added any CSS - I simply imported the data - any ideas on what the issue is?

If you need wordpress access - please let me know.


  • Hi,

    please send us url to your website because without that we have no idea what could be wrong. Maybe you got some other html errors in the code and that could be the main problem but without url we won`t be able to check anything.

    P.S. Probably we`ll be able to check it on Sunday or Monday because current queue of private messages and support questions is very long.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience!
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