Hi guys,

I have faithfully followed your videotutorial "How to set different menus for pages?", but nothing to do: the menu I created specifically for the shop page is not visible !!!

On all pages it is possible to view ONLY the Main Menu.

I have emptied the cache of the site and also of my browser, but the result does not change: WHY ???

PLEASE!!!!, is there anyone who can help me ???? WITHOUT ITS MENU, THE SHOP PAGE MAKES NO SENSE !!!! 😓


  • Hi,

    Sorry, but you wrote beyond my working time, and I was not able to answer you.

    You are using the Slipt Menu header style, and with it, the Custom Menu does not work.

    If you need a different menu on a particular page, you should change the header style.

    Best regards

  • Thanks, Phil,

    now I understand. And isn't there a way, perhaps by inserting particular strings of code, to make sure that the Custom Menu can also be "split" into two parts? Not even using the Header Builder plugin? 😕

    Anyway, at least for now, THANKS ENDLESS! It may have been nonsense, but I, who are by no means an expert on the subject, was going crazy after it! 🙃

  • This could probably be done by modifying the theme files, but we do not provide help with such customization.

    Unfortunately, it will not be possible with the Header Builder either.

    However, we are currently working on a new version of the HB plugin, and if you would like to see this feature in it, please, let us know on the following topic:



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