Column Text Element with problems after 26.3.1


we have a total of three WordPress sites with BeTheme.

After the latest update, 26.3.1 we discovered a problem with the Element "Column Text".

Does it seem there is a new editor-style? It appears like a WordPress Editor style. We can not find this change info in the latest Changelog? But the actual problem is …

  1. It appears only on two of the three installations. All have the new 26.3.1 update. Only one has the previous before editor style. Please see the attachment. Is there a way to change or choose these editor styles?
  2. Sometimes we are working with Inline SVG code inside the column element, and it seems like the (new) editor style does not support this (anymore) because we tested it with a new column text element + SVG and after saving and re-open the editor box is empty (see attachment)

Especially the second point is a huge problem for us because we have several pages with the "Column Text"-Element + SVG code.

Installation 1:

Installation 2:


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