section (green) align styles missing after save in

After updating to every page/post I save, the regenerated /wp-content/uploads/betheme/css/post-XYZ.css page css file is missing styles set to align section elements (green bar in edit mode).

For example before these css files had styles like this (corresponding to options set in post/page edit mode):

.mcb-section-a1b2c3d4e .section_wrapper {

  align-items: center;

  justify-content: center;


After updating to and saving post/page all these css syles related to section aligning are gone and pages looks like crap. It isn't http/https mismatch issue becaue page styles files are loaded. I'm using multisite wordpress BTW.


  • It looks like issue was fixed in but unfortunately button "BeTheme" -> "Tools" -> "Local CSS" -> "Regenerate files" in the /wp-admin/admin.php?page=be-tools didn't recreated page css files as I supposed it to do - I had to edit and update each and every post/page that was updated and broken since yesterday update.

  • Hi,

    This issue can be only resolved by re-updating the page, and unfortunately the Regenerate option will not work in that case.

    Sorry for the obstacles.

    Best regards

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