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Removing Intro Header from Mobile View


I like using the Intro Header Template for all my posts but noticed that on mobile it is taking too much space and does not look good. Is there an option or a way how to hide the Header Template from mobile?

Thank you very much,



  • Hi,

    Please always attach a link to your website so we can check it out. If the page is offline(localhost), then our help will be limited. You will have to contact us when the page is online. Also, please make sure that the page is not under maintenance before you provide us with the link.


  • Please, put the following CSS code in Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS.

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px){
          display: none;


  • Thank you very much, that worked perfectly.

    Do you please know if this would have any effect on SEO? In the Intro header is the article title in h1. I am not sure if I should now go back to all my articles and create a mobile view section with the title so that the title remains on mobile too.

    Or it is fine because the CSS hides the intro from being displayed on mobile but h1 still remains in the code so it does not really matter?

    Thank you

  • Even when a display attribute is set to none, the element DOM is still visible to the search engines.

    So no, it will not affect your SEO, and you do not have to recreate that for mobile devices.

    Best regards

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