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minimum length phone number field

Hello, my phone field have max 9 number I want to make it 11 number, How?


  • Hello,

    Please edit your contact form, you should have some regex type of generator for tags (in this case number form tag generator)

    We support the Contact Form 7 plugin, which have this kind of generator, it's asking for it while creating the tag, see the screenshot:


  • you misunderstand

    this is checkout page not contact us

    so you picture not working cos I delete this plugin

  • As I see, by default we do not have any min or max for phone of woocommerce checkout page, it must be your modification of code or plugin.

    Take a look, I provided very long phone number and it pass correctly.

    I found that validation of number can be done with this function, but it requires code modification which is not supported by us.


  • again this code didn't solve my issue to understand the issue correctly enter my site here https://raaia.com/ and try to make an order till you get checkout page try to enter 10 number in phone number field which called - رقم الهاتف - then you will know the issue, Thank you

  • here is the code but I don't know how to edit it correct because I'm not devloper but you are so I hope you can help me I think I must add a filter but I don't know how to write it and where to put it

    Code: <span class="woocommerce-input-wrapper"><input type="tel" class="input-text " name="billing_phone" id="billing_phone" placeholder="" value="050943587" minlength="9" maxlength="9" autocomplete="tel"></span>

    I get it when I click F12 on chrome and I select and element

  • As I told (and shown by previous screenshot) you, we do not provide any limitation for the Phone field, it must be one of your plugins or code modifications of the wordpress.

    Please, disable all of the plugins (leave the WooCommerce turned on ONLY) and check, if the problem still appears.

    I think, that is a plugins problem.


  • you are correct one of my plugin causing this problem and I fix it, Thank you

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