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Header builder issues

3 issues I haven't been able to solve:

  • Contact button in action bar doesn't function: 404 error - should link to Contact page
  • Mobile menu subnavigation expands to the right, off of the screen. Checking "left" doesn't do anything
  • Sticky menu on mobile. Turned it off but still appears.

Website is


  • Hello,

    1) Did you solve the problem? It works fine

    2) Please, explain me what do you mean by that, I do not quite understand, it does work correctly, as it should, it does not expands to the right

    3) Please, turn off all of the plugins, leave header builder turned on only, refresh your cache, and check if the problem persists.

    Moreover if you use a child theme, switch to parent, and recheck it.


  • Not resolved. I should have been more specific. On Desktop follow this path and you will see the navigation opens to the right at each subnavigation level. The final menu choices are not or barely visible. Top navigation - roll over "About Securitec" / "Resources" / "Articles" / article titles are to the right but can't be seen. How do I get the navigation submenus to open to the left. I don't see an option in Header Builder.

    Also, is it possible to turn off Sticky Header on mobile? If so, how?



  • 1) Please, use this CSS code to change the navigation dropdown show to left instead of right.

    .mhb-menu .menu li ul li ul{
       left:unset !important;
       right:200px !important;

    2) To disable sticky header on mobile, change visibility to mobile and disable sticky header using these buttons:


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