Portfolio links not working on mobile when responsive is turned on

My portfolio links are not working on mobile view when responsive is turned on. The URL is correct just like on desktop, but on mobile it links to some other page and is not showing the actual page graphics. Once I turned off Responsive in the BeTheme options the links worked on mobile. We need the responsive website of course so that is not a fix.

Click on any portfolio image on My Work page and you will see the difference from mobile view to desktop view.



  • Hi,

    I have checked your website and tested the "Manufactured, Hydrostone", and the link lead to the same portfolio item on both desktop and mobile.

    The only difference is that on this portfolio page you have one section set to be hidden on mobile.

    Is that what you are referring to?

    Moreover, I noticed that you do not have the newest version of Betheme, and I suggest always having the most current version.


  • Yes. Thank you so much! I changed those settings and updated the theme.

    The only other issue I'm having is not finding the setting to add links to the three top images scrolling down on my home page.

  • These images are added as the section's background, and there is no option to set the anchor link for the whole section.

    Instead of using these images as sections' backgrounds, please, use image elements to which you can assign links.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it.

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