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A few issues

Hi. I am having some issues w the theme:

  • it seems to be very slow within the wordpress editor. I was told by wordpress that this is a theme issue. this seems to have started w the latest upgrade
  • when I updated to PHP v 8.0, the elements editor seems to have broken down. I reverted back to v 7.2 of PHP and that fixed the issue. I have since re-upgraded and now I see the elements in the editor. Was this a known issue that got fixed along the way?
  • when adding code and using the element - "embed code", I don't understand how to enter the code. I have tried twice and the code doesn't work. I'm guessing i'm putting the code in the wrong place. This element is not intuitive as usually it's a cut and past thing.

pls advise.

Pls confirm


  • Hello,

    1, 2) Can you tell me what version of Betheme you have?

    Are you using the live or backend builder?

    Do you have any unsupported plugins? You can check the plugins supported by us under the following link:

    We did not receive any reports that the PHP update to version 8.0 caused breaking the blocks, and I can suspect that there can be some plugin incompatibility.

    3) Can you send me a screenshot of that embed code element and what code you want to use, please?


  • 1) 2) see attached for theme version and other info.

    I am using the backend builder within wordpress dashboard. Not sure what you mean by the "live" builder. I will checkout the unsupported plugins.

    3) screenshot of embed code element attached. Here is the code. I have another example of code that failed as well if you need it.

    <div id="checkout_button">Check Out</div>






    window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(e) {

    document.getElementById('checkout_button').addEventListener('click', function(e) {


    type: "sale",

    lineItems: [


    lineItemType: "customPayment",

    description: "Total Retainer Payment Amount",

    currency: "USD"



    successUrl: null,

    cancelUrl: null,

    receipt: {

    showReceipt: true,


    useKount: false,

    paymentMethods: [


    type: "creditCard",

    use3DSecure: false,



    fields: [


    field: "merchant_defined_field_1",

    required: true,



    field: "merchant_defined_field_5",

    required: false,



    field: "merchant_defined_field_6",

    required: false,



    }).then((error) => {







    #checkout_button {

    display: inline-block;

    font-family: sans-serif;

    font-size: 20px;

    background-color: #0BD992;

    color: white;

    border-radius: 4px;

    padding: 14px 28px;


    #checkout_button:hover {

    cursor: pointer;



  • ps. I looked at the supported plugins. I definitely have others that are not on your list that are needed for the functionality of our site. see attached screenshots for all of our plugins.

  • 1, 2)

    a) Sorry, but the system status does not show the Betheme version. Please open the Betheme dashboard to check it, and it will be visible in the top right corner.

    b) By live builder, I mean the WYSIWYG editor.

    c) Please do a test, turn off all unsupported plugins for a while, and check if these problems persist.

    3) Please do the following:

    • edit the page where you want to place this code, open the builder settings, and ensure that you have the Column text editor set to Code

    If it is not selected, choose it, and refresh (F5) your page

    • in the builder, add the Column text element, and put there the <div> and first <script> tag
    • go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> JS, and put there the content from the second <script> tag (do not copy the opening and closing tags)

    go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS, and there put the content from tyle <style> tag (do not copy the opening and closing tags)

    After that, your code should work.

    Best regards

  • 1a) - 26.3.3

    1b) oh. didn't realize that was an option. was just clicking "edit". Is the live builder the way to go?

    1c) I don't know what's unsupported and need my other plugins so can't turn them off.

    3) is this in the live builder?

    what happened to PHP upgrade issue. At the moment I'm ok so probably the issue has been fixed.

  • 1b) The live builder is currently our primary focus, so I suggest trying it out.

    1c) You have many plugins, so there can be some incompatibility between our theme and them. However, you do not have to keep them inactive. Just test if the speed improves after disabling them and activating them back to locate the root cause.

    3) Yes, it is. 😄

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