Theme editors Muffin Builder limit the number of rows ?

edited June 2015 in BeBuilder

Theme editors Muffin Builder limit the number of rows you have
I want to compile the contents down
It has been unable to edit down

please help, thank you.

Latest Version 8.4 – June 13, 2015
wordpress version 4.22

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  • Hi,

    at first it is not allowed to leave access details here because it's public section. That's why we removed them. At second, we do not have any limits. Please explain what the problem exactly is and we'll try to help you.
  • I have exactly the same problem. 
    I have a big page that contains 15 sections with an average of three rows in each section. 
    When i want to add to more sections and elements in the page, it works well until i click on "update". Then  all the sections i just created  have disappeared ! I also  did a test by creating  a big dummy page, and after adding a certain number of element i had the  same result.  At a certain point all new elements are deleted after an "update " action. If i delete myself a few sections, it works again . then i add again some new elements and after a while, it starts again, as if a limit was reached.  

  • @proffice It's because your server is limited. You must contact with server admin because max_input_vars variable must be increased. If you build large pages, minimum value should be 10000.
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