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Scan our Column Text does not show in the correct column


I have created a Text Column to be 3/4 width and an image to site aside it at 1/4 width.

I then have another 1/4 Text Column to site under the image, and while positioned correctly in the editor, it moves to the left to be under the larger Text Column when the site loads.

I have this issue on a number of sites and it is apparent twice on the last two sections of this page...

The obviously out of place Text Columns on the bottom left of the two sections are the problem.

What is going on?


  • Hello,

    Can you show me a screenshot from builder? (Backend)

    I quite do not understand how to recreate that issue on my dev envoirment.


  • Here are the two examples I referred to. I have spent ages on recreating them and noting changes.

    I note that the Column Text has deprecated functions but I don't this is relevant. I tried using BeBuilder but it bizzarely it has no templates that are remotely close.

    Thankyou for your support.


  • Hi,

    The blocks in the backend builder might be a little confusing because they take a different amount of space than on the actual page.

    If you want the text shown under the image, you should put these elements in two wraps: 3/4 and 1/4.

    Please, see the following screenshot for a better understanding.


  • Thankyou. It appears this will stop me having the content on a semi-transparent section that does not go full-width like this sample. Or is there another way to achieve this (which is why things were grouped the way they were).

  • You can use the Icon Box element, but instead of the icon use your uploaded image.


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