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Social Icons at the footer

 how can we add the social icons that you have used in your example??? (at footer)


  • Hey,

    all you need to do is go to Theme options > Layout > Social icons section and setup links for social icons :)
  • We solved it, the following code was what we meant, this is for other users if they are wondering how to do it:

    [icon_bar icon="icon-facebook" link="#" target="" size="small" social="facebook"]
    [icon_bar icon="icon-gplus" link="#" target="" size="small" social="google"]
    [icon_bar icon="icon-twitter" link="#" target="" size="small" social="twitter"]
    [icon_bar icon="icon-vimeo" link="#" target="" size="small" social="vimeo"]
    [icon_bar icon="icon-play" link="#" target="" size="small" social="youtube"]

  • Ohh so you mean those social icons on the left side :) Because we got in footer 2 different social icons section and we thought you meant right section. We're glad you found it!
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