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Change color / #Top_bar .menu > li > a::after / action bar / menu_wrapper text

Hi Guys,

here we are again, we would kindly like to ask how to make the following changes:

1. change the color of the #Top_bar .menu > li > a::after in transparent menu mode

2. change color of the action bar

3. change the text color of the menu_wrapper ONLY when it is activated [(in this case from black to white) search lens included]

link below 👇️

As always, we thank you for your cooperation.

See ya


  • Hi,

    1) You have a custom CSS that changes this color.

    Please, go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS, and there you will be able to modify it.

    2) The color of the Action Bar can be changed in Betheme -> Theme options -> Colors -> Action Bar.

    3) You mean the sticky header, right?

    Head to Betheme -> Theme options -> Header & Subheader -> Header, and set the Sticky header style to Dark.


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    1- ok thx!

    2- we had already tried but it doesn't work! Please tell us what to do with our active style

    3- Fine thx! Now how can i adjust the intensity of the transparency?


    New request!

    4_ How can we set that cylindrical image as the background in the title? (like this

    We tried ... but with poor results

    Thx guys for you Amazing 🤩 support!

  • 2) Then please, use the following CSS code:

       background-color: #fff;

    3) For that too:

     background-color: rgba(0,0,0,.9)!important;

    4) Please, in the options of the element go to the Advanced tab, and there you will be able to set the background image.


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    2-3) Fine ... but not good!

    When I go to choose the white color of the icons, crash the CSS 😫

    If I save the CSS again it takes the change, but it loses the main white color of the social icons ...

    ...and how can I make it slimmer?

    4) It works but it's not quite as I would like ...

    as in your Be.ebook demo, the cylindrical background image starts before the text.

    How can we do it exactly like this?


    Thx guys for you Amazing🤩 support!

  • Please add some padding left and top padding for that element.

    Thanks 😉

  • Thx!

    How can I make it slimmer the Action bar?

  • You can use the following CSS code:

    #Action_bar .social{
       padding: 10px 0!important;
       top: 21px!important;


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