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Background is also beeing shown in the slider


any chance to post something secret here?


  • I have the problem that my background image is shortly visible on the home site with the slider.

  • Hi,

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  • Please have a look at

    Before the slider is being displayed, you can see the metal background.

    This is not right. How can I solve this. Already tried everything (I think)

  • The metal background is the background of your whole website, and it will be briefly visible until the slider loads.

    As a workaround, you can put the slider in the section with the Slider Plugin element and set the section background.


  • Hmmm . I do remember that this once worked.

    Any chance to add the background to every page separately?

  • For that, you would have to use the layouts.

    You can see how to do that from this video tutorial:


  • Actually I think that this is a bug. If there is a slider then the background should not be visible.

    Wouldn't it be easier to set the background to visible = false via css?

    Do you have this css for me maybe?

  • You can also go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Global -> General, and check if you do not have checked an option to have a transparent Header.

    If this will not work, please, try the following CSS code:

       background-color: #fff!important;


  • Thanks. First did not work.

    Second css made my background invisible on all pages!

    Actually this solves the issue. My "Home" has the page-id-9! #Header{

      background-color: #fff!important;


  • Good to hear that.

    If you have any other questions, please, let me know.


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