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Change slider_navigation arrows


I need to change the blog's slider_navigation left and right icon arrows.

Also need to limit to a max of 3 articles visible on the slider.

How can i do it?



  • Hi,

    Please, explain in more detail how you would like to change the slider.

    Do you mean the simple slider, blog slider, or another one?

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    I want to change the navigation icons on the blog slider widget.

    I've made a .svg file that i want to use instead of that button icon (icon-right-open-big and icon-left-open-big).

    I'm sending attached the bit of code that im talking.

    And can you plese tell me how can i limit the number of articles shown on the same blog slider?


  • 1) To change the button icon, you must write a custom CSS code.

    Please let me know if you need help with that, and attach a link to your website.

    2) To limit the number of slides that appear, you need to decrease the Blog Slider element size.


  • 1) Already changed the icons with css. Thanks.

    2) I understand that if i decrease the blog element size, the number of shown articles will decrease. But what i need is to keep the same width of the blog slider element (full width) and increase the size of the articles in a way that the max number of articles shown is 3.

    Something like this but in full width.

  • Unfortunately, there is no option to achieve that.

    You would have to modify the theme files, but we do not help with such customization.


  • Just tell me wich file it is and ill change myself

  • Please check the file theme-shortcodes.php in the functions folder.


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