Logo appears smaller in the menu/header than it should


I'm having some issues with the menu/header logo. When the site loads from the top, the logo appears fine and in a proper size. However, when I either scroll down and come back up or when I click on an anchor link and go back up, the logo appears too small.

Here's an example, when I click on the following link, the logo is blurry at first for a second and then becomes clear and the proper size: https://lasuissenormande.com/activites . (See image below)

Now, here's an exemple when I click on an anchor link such as: https://lasuissenormande.com/activites/#jardin. When I wait a few seconds and go back to the top of the page, the logo now appears smaller than it should. (see image below)

The same thing can randomly occur even when I go to a random page, go down and come back up. (See image below for the homepage)

How can I fix this?

Thank you very much for your help.


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