All buttons and links take visitors to home page

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are doing great. I am new here, and I could use a little help. I bought BeTheme and built my site with it, modifying one of the templates that come with it, and I am having a problem that I just can't figure out. Links and buttons (except for those buttons taking to a point within the same page, it's a one page website) always go to the home page. Sometimes they go where they should go 1 out of 20 times, sometimes they work only once per computer, and in some other cases they have worked for 6 to 12 hours, taking people to where they should, and then they started going to the home page.
I have never seen something like this before, even though I am not a PRO. i have seen links work, and not work, but never this kind of behaviour.
My website is and I am a translator (hope you like it, by the way!).
One of the links that stopped working after a couple of hours is
The first time this happened, I modified the URL to something different and it solved it. I said "hum, weird!", and forgot about it. after a couple of hours, the new URL started doing the same thing. Sending people to the home page. Now maybe it takes you to the blog post, but I can assure you it wont after a couple of tries.
This particular one, that is a blog post has one difference from the ones that do work. This is the only blog post I wrote after installing the theme. The others were written before and, after i erased everything from my previous site and installed Wordpress and BeTheme, I imported them. Those old ones work perfectly. New ones do this.
The other page that is showing this problem is a different page of the site. This one is the one that works 1 out of 20 times. Here it is:
Now that is supposed to be a countdown but, at least in two of my computers and in my girlfriend's, it goes straight to the home page. Sometimes clearing cookies and all that gives another positive result, but after that it doesn't take long for it to fail again.

I've tried all I know, little or much, and I can't fix this. Can anyone help me? I an attach any screenshots or URLs you need.
Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Hi,

    this is the first time when we hear about something like that too. And this is for sure not related with theme. In our opinion you should look for a problem somewhere else.
  • Thanks for your comment! I aprreciate your help. However, I already tried deleting the whole site, installing Wordpress again, and even other themes (included and from Themeforest, but this only happens with your theme.
    It is also important to point out that it doesn't happen to post created when your theme was not installed, and it fails with those created with the theme installed. So everything points at at problem with the theme, I just don't know what that problem is...
    I appreciate any help, the forum is an important part of attracting public to my website.
    Also I need to create other sections and I can if buttons take visitors back to the home page.
    Thanks for any help you can provide with this bug.
  • Sorry but we have really no idea how to help you because we never seen anything similar. We can only guarantee that this is not theme bug. Can you tell us how is that possible that this happen only to you while for other 13 000 users works fine? You should look for a problem somewhere else because it's not theme problem.

    P.S. You can try to save permalinks under Settings > Permalinks section to refresh .htaccess file or you should switch from custom permalinks to default. But if this won't help, then we do not have any other idea at all.

    Thanks for understanding!
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