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WC Variable Product Options Not Showing/Working

Today i got a ticket from a user saying a Woocommerce variable product wasn't working.

I looked at the product and there are two field/options set:


Front Cover (includes 1/2 page inside magazine) | Inside Front Cover "P-1" | Centerfold *2 Pages* | Full Page | Half Page | Brag Ad | Back Cover


Winter (Jan 15th) | Spring (Apr 1st) | Summer (Jul 1st) | Fall (Oct 1st)

When the product is opened, the two dropdown boxes show the options above, but when you choose one of the Advert options, the Edition/Deadline options are no longer available.

I worked with WC support and they told me to turn off all plugins and just enable WC, and the issue was still there.

They then said change the theme from BETheme to 2022 and they said the issue stopped.

I had a successful order from this product on July 26th 2022 at 9:16am.

Since then the issue is making the product unusable.

I tried reproducing the product as a new draft and i see the same issue.

Other existing variable products do not seem to have the issue.


Product URL

Please advise.

Terry Bilton


  • ** UPDATE ***

    I created a simple variable product and it worked.

    I re-looked at the failing product and saw i was using " text " and * text * in some of the attributes.. so I took them out and the product worked again.

    I don't know why it worked until last night and then started failing, but you might want to update your KB to tell people to not use wildcard characters in Attributes.



  • Hi,

    Thanks for the information, appreciate that.

    If someone will have a similar problem to yours I will keep that in mind.


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