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Icons very small (can´t overwrite inline height and width)

Hi there,

on this website (http://hofladen.primeline-automaten.de/hofladen) I´m trying to use icons. But they get shown in only 10 x 10 pixel and just can´t resize them in any manner. The size is set inline and I can´t over rule it.

I´m using SVG Support and Safe SVG as plugins and already tried disabling and even deleting the plugins - yet nothing works.

And the weirdest part is, that in the "list element" the icons get displayed correctly.

As you can see, we have the same setup on another page... here working perfectly fine: https://ganser-grundstuecke.de/

Could you please help me out?

Thanks and

best regards,



  • Hi,

    Can you send a screenshot showing where these icons are placed, please?

    I could not find 10x10 px icons on your website.


  • Hi Phil,

    I solved it using bigger SVGs – anyway, it´s pretty weird to not be able to set the icon size with the image-size settings.

    As for this... mission completed.

    Thanks and happy weekend.

    Best regards,


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