Search results are displayed with WP menu style instead of Betheme Header Builder 2.0 setup

Dear sir or madam,

we started using the new Betheme Header Builder 2.0 on our main Multisite WordPress website ( (development). A header type template was created and applied to the entire website using the Display Conditions window, as shown below:

We are facing the following issues:

1) When performing a search on our main website, the search results web page appears with the default Betheme WP header and not with the custom Betheme Header Builder 2.0 setup.

The new custom header of our main website has been setup as follows:

Performing a Search on the above new header, the results are displayed as follows:

2) Also, could the Search type of our main website be a search bar style and not an icon input text type? Our subsites use the following desired Search Bar type which we need to implement on our main website using the Betheme Header Builder 2.0:

Thank you,



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