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Customizing file based template for item in archive loop

I have a BeTheme Child based site that is using a Custom Shop Archive template which was made with the BeBuilder Template editor. I also have a custom field added to my product post type, which I would like to add to the layout for products displayed in the shop archive.

I am familiar with editing the WooCommerce file templates when working with other themes, but am having trouble finding the correct template file I need to edit in order to add my custom field. I have tried editing "/woocommerce/content-product.php" as well as "/woocommerce/archive-product.php" in both the child theme folder, the parent theme folder, and even the woocoommerce plugin folder (for testing) but it just does not seem to take affect. Does the BeTheme Woo Commerce BeBuilder Templates still rely on the WooCommerce template system or is there another way to accomplish this?

Dev Site for reference:


  • Hi,

    The file that is responsible for templates is shared between pages, posts, templates, headers, etc., so there is no one file for shop templates only.

    I do not know where and what you want to display, but all elements can be found in the file theme-shortcodes.php in catalog functions.

    Best regards

  • Thanks Phil, I will check into that.

    Our client wants to alter the text in the price field and then also change the Add To Cart button hyperlink to point to an external url for that product (which is set in a custom field for each product.) Custom shortcodes and filters may be a possible way to achieve this.


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