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single blog customization

Dear Phil,

unfortunately still there are limitations in single post page design which i hope solve in the future updates.

anyway in the single post page edit , when i set the template to "Builder" , hopefully i can build everything from scratch. but there is a small problem. in default template there are "related posts" at the button of the page which does not contain that post page, but when we set the page template to builder , it removed and we should add blog section by ourselves which "may" contain that page post too which is ridicules. (as more example if the visitor chose the last post and go to the post page itself , he will see the same post again at the button of the page too because i have add a blog section below. there can be other scenarios too)

how can i set the blog , below the page in a way that it does not contain the post of that page.

thx in advance



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