Customization of slider on Pre-Build Be Theme Website: Muffin Builder


I've chosen to install and customize a pre-build website of BeTheme. Name of the Pre-Build Website is APP 4 (in the category "Business")

Secondly I've started to adapt/ customize this website. I do all adaptations on Muffin Builder.

I currently struggle with one slider, which I don't know how to change the pictures shown on front office.

It shows like thin on front:

In the editor: this slider is on the right side:

But if I open this element in order to change showed picture I'm not able to find any field which would enable me to do so:

That's why I think that I'm supposed to do these change elswhere.

I would be very thankful if you can help me or give instructions how to edit this component.

Many thanks!

Best regards,



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