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Betheme version update issue


I have a website with your theme with the version BethemeVersion: 17.5. It has bundled plugins that refuse to update and i also cant find a means to update the present theme to the current version.

Do i need to purchase this theme again to get the latest updates to the theme and bundled plugin?


I Have purchased the them and need to find a way to update the theme from version 17.5 to the latest version i just purchased


  • Hi!

    There is no need to purchase a new license key for an update.

    Please head to the link we provided below, where you will find all of the information on how you can update the theme successfully.


  • Your reply says i dont need to purcahse a new licence key which i am aware of. The issue is on that version, there is nothing in the link here: that looks like what i see on the backend of the website.

    After visiting WP Admin > Betheme > Dashboard i dont see anywhere to update or theme or a place where the license key was inserted

    There isnt a Betheme option in fact as i only get to see this when i am in the themes options.

  • Did you click on the link from the red box?

    There you have an explanation of what you should do if you have a version below 20.0.

    Best regards

  • Yes i did. And I'm seeing i have to manually delete the old theme folder and install the new theme then start customizing like i was just installing the theme for a fresh new website.

    Did i get this right?

  • Yes, that is right. 🙂

    Best regards

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    I have followed the instructions to the letter but having a major issue now after the update to version 26.4.07. The side bar footer the slider and some content on the website doesn't want to display or when it displays, displays distorted.

    I have updated every theme plugin and activated all the necessary plugins but then running into this issue . Even one of the plugins that came with the theme refuses to update (LayerSlider)

    How do i resolve this as i don't mind giving access to my online website so that the issue can also be viewed

  • Please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • ok thanks. I have just sent the access to the website for you to check

  • I have checked your website, and only one widget was missing in Footer #3, but it appeared again when I hit the update button in Appearance -> Widgets.

    Also, I created a new page (Betheme support testpage) where I assigned the sidebar you have, which also works correctly.

    Can you explain in more detail what the problem is, please?

    It would be best if you also attach screenshots showing that.


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