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The single page control panel has become very slow

I use BeTheme on over 30 sites and it works flawlessly. On the last site, the individual page control panel suddenly got very, very slow. I get a warning from the browser telling me to wait and if the page has a lot of content it won't open. The server is the same as other sites that work fine. I have tried to disable all plugins and the problem persists.

Until a few days ago it worked and probably the problems started after updating to the latest version of BeTheme... I'm not sure about this.

If necessary I can provide you with a login to verify the issue.



  • Hey,

    Please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • Hello,

    As I see, after switching the theme to parent and by disabling not supported plugins it speed up, this is surely.

    But, In your case, I would take a look if your wordpress is not infected with some malwares, because on this amount of plugins (keeping them not up to date gives higher risk) its really easy to get infected by some backdoors.

    Also, your theme is outdated, please update it if its possible.


  • If you want to check now I have updated the theme, I have scanned with an antivirus, I have disabled ALL plugins. The page editor for me is as slow as before and many times it doesn't open.

  • Please tell me, are you using the BeBuilder or BeBuilder backend (the old one, not visual editor) ?

    Because backend editor will work much slower than BeBuilder, we are focused now for optimizing the BeBuilder than BeBuilder blocks.


  • We are using the old BeBuilder backend block editor. We have been developing projects with BeTheme for years and we know the old editor very well, I know that sooner we will have to switch to the new visual editor ... I tried and in fact it is much faster even on this site. I am however curious to know why the old editor is slow only on this site, on others that use the same number of plugins it is faster.

    Thanks for the quick support.

  • Well, we had to mirror 1:1 functionalities from BeBuilder to BeBuilder Blocks, to not make the customers angry because of mixed builder content and because of this, that builder just get slower. It's due the AJAX requests which are nearly on every action, when we did not have the BeBuilder (Live), it was all managed by the browser (without AJAX requests) and the only request which was made is saving page.

    We suggest to migrate to the BeBuilder, because in the future it won't get any new features, It will be still supported, but deprecated.


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