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My website homepage BOTH slider (top slider & bottom slider) are not looking good


this is my website. When I visit it, the homepage is not working properly:

1) the slider on the top is not working (when I'm logged and I'm modifying the website everything is ok, but when I visit the website without being logged, it is not working - all black).

2) the bottom slider (where I put the images of my machines, with side arrows and dots, as an image gallery), is not appearing correctly: there is a big-grey-space on the bottom of the first image. When I click the arrow for the first time, the grey-space comes up, and the sliders starts to be ok. I don't understand why!!!

Please help me


  • Hello,

    1) Do you have any caching software? It's usually due using that kind of softwares when pages are not ready-to-go.

    Please, disable it, clear the cache and check, if the issue still exists.

    2) It sounds like typical plugins conflict, please disable all of the plugins, clear the cache and test if it works correctly, when all of the plugins are disabled.


  • Hello Pablo!

    I've done what you suggested! And something is going better now: I can see properly the slider at the bottom of the website (now there is no empty space!)

    But I still can't see the top slider! I tried almost everything but I can't see it!

    Please help!


  • Hi Luca,

    Can you (while all plugins are disabled, only Revolution Slider enabled) resave the slider you created?

    Also, remember if you have some hosting cache enabled, disable it completely before doing the steps above.


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