Color change


I hope you're all okay,

Maybe I'm wrong and it's more a suggestion (in that case sorry aha)

My website colors are green and its opposite (a kind of red wine), actually the green was based on my hair color but I love to experiment with things and I wanted to know if there was a way to change all the colors #81c2a2 (even in elements) by another color as easily as possible, and why not automate the changing for other elements that are red wine to change by the opposite of my new color (IDK if this part is clear ? 😥)

For example:

The left chart is green, as the header (and a lot of other elements on other pages), and the right one is red wine, opposite to the left chart, I'd like to change every green element to another color and change that green will automatically change the right chart into the opposite color, like negative effect.

Have a good night ! (or day)


  • Hello,

    You should change all of the colors globally using the Theme Options ( -> Colors ).

    Of course, we could use the Custom CSS code for it, but if some update will add new functionality or path of HTML will be changed a little bit then the code will not work anymore.

    Also, you can use the JS code to match all elements with certain color and change it to color you want, but I never heard anyone on the support forum asking for similar functionality.


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