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Page load delay witdh using elementor versione of Finance 4 demo site

Hi I have just installed the sample site "Finance 4" on address

When i navigate between pages i noticed a bad delay of loading full width page causing a empty sides backaground before the section is fully uploaded.

This is not happening in the home because there is slide revolution but happen in every other pages.

Please check on the website to check this issue

Thank you

I also noticed a bad performance analysing the page with lighthouse


  • Hi,

    This is how the Elementor works. First, it loads content boxed to go full width. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything with that because it is not our builder. I can suggest using BeBuilder instead where this problem does not appear.

    Regarding the performance result, I suggest checking the Performance tab in the Theme options where you can find options that will improve your scores.

    Also, I suggest getting rid of the Slider Revolution. It is a heavy tool that has an impact on your website results. You can check that by temporarily deactivating this plugin, and checking your website score then.

    Best regards

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    thank you for your reply but if i buy something, I am expecting that it will do what it is promising. So I choosed betheme filtering the themes compatible with elementor , we use elementor for every website, the fact that you offer your own builder is really great and i appreciate it but if i need elementor mean that i need to add some custom features.

    So at the end i was not expeting this answer, I used to work with other themes that in case of support they ask me to provide the access info and solve the problem in it if they can.

    With your answer you suggest me: 1) to change builder or a starter site without full width graphic (most of you stater site are like that), 2) ask a developer if can fix a problem on a product just purchased (really unconvenient), 3) Try to change completly my approach and try to ask for a refund because i can't use something that don't meet the minimum expectation that we had.

    If there is another advise please help me with this issue


  • As I said in my previous message, this is how the Elementor works. It has a JS for sections with the stretch option enabled, making the boxed layout full width.

    You will notice the same behavior if you activate some other theme like Twenty Twenty.

    However, I have found the following discussion:

    You can try the tips mentioned there.

    Best regards

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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü