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Elements on main blog page


I'd like to create a different blog page, that doesn't have just posts but a banner, featured post, etc. However, when entering the Betheme documentation, it is asked not to include anything on that page:

But this page [] seems to follow a different rule: when entering the Blog, there is an introductory text, then a featured post, and after that, follow the other posts.

How could I insert other elements [like an introductory text and a featured post, as in the example] on my main blog page []?



  • Hi,

    This prevention refers to Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery, and any other builder that base its content on Gutenberg.

    BeBuilder does not base on Gutenberg, and you can put the content in it, and it will appear above the posts. To achieve that in Elementor (or other builders), you can use the Blog element.


  • Hi Phil!

    I don't know if I understood correctly:

    1) Can I insert content before posts using Gutemberg or BeBuilder?

    2) I tried to insert content using BeBuilder for testing, so I made a 'subheader' [I inserted a section with a gradient in the background] for testing in which I inserted 3 buttons [categories]. Can this 'subheader' be done this way, or could I have problems with BeBuilder in the future?

    3) Below this 'subheader' I tried to insert a new section with a 'blog teaser' element, but that section does not appear. How could I do to insert one more section? It is possible?


  • 1) You can insert content before posts only with BeBuilder.

    2) It can be done this way, you should not occur any problems with it in the future.

    3) I can see a section with a blog teaser below that "subheader".

    It might look a little distorted because you have only one post.

    Best regards

  • Hi, Phil

    Today I had a problem with the blog layout. When entering to edit the page, it shows another page [the home] all unconfigured.

    Could you tell me what could be happening?

    Below is a screenshot of the screen when I enter the blog page to edit it with BeBuilder.

    Thank you

  • Please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • done, thank you!

  • Your blog page was switched to Draft, causing this issue.

    When I published the blog page, the editor worked correctly again.

    If you need this page to be a Draft, go to Settings -> Reading, and switch the Posts Page to -Select- so it will not be assigned and switch this page to Draft. When you finish, choose it again there.


  • Thank you, Phil!

  • Hi Phil, something happened just now that when I refresh the page, the 'subheader' I created is gone, and it doesn't appear anymore even if I create it again.

    The content I create in Bebuilder appears in the wordpress editor, but when I leave the page and re-enter it, it no longer appears in the Betheme editor.

    What could be happening?

  • You have no posts published.

    You need to have at least one post, so it can work correctly.


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