Changin colors in call to action button and contact box?

Hello everyone!
I just updated the theme, and maybe it's something I did, but the colour on the call to action button in the header changed to white. Also, I use a contact box and I can't figure out how to change the colour. Can you help me with this?



  • Hi,

    about action button, check the colors for button under Theme options > Colors section because maybe you reset these colors. Which color of Contact box you want to change? Background color or what?
  • Thank you!
    As per the call to action button, do you happen to know which of the numerous fields it is? I think i changed them all already and only 2 of all the colours are in white now, and it isn't those. When you scroll over it, it becomes cyan with white text and then you can read it. As per the contact box, I want to change the cyan background into white.
  • 1. Options for button colors are named: Button | Background and Button | Color.

    2. To change contact box background color, please go to Theme options > Colors > Shortcodes section and change Get in Touch background option.

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