be theme store demo


I instaled the theme and store demo and import slider but the problem is the middle slider didn't come (

(New picked stuff for her) my website address is



  • Hi,

    Looks like WooCommerce plugin has not been installed and that's why demo is incomplete.
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    Hi, I have the same question on 'how to have a Portfolio of image that, when the mouse hovers over it, another image pops up in place'.  I don't see this functionality in any of the other samples.   Does /be/store depend on the WooCommerce plugin to achieve this?  Is there another BeTheme sample where I can find a Masonry-Flat Portfolio, with images that change upon mouse-hover?

    Thanks (and thanks for your patience on my earlier BeTheme questions... I'm getting the hang of it now and am VERY impressed with the breadth and depth of BeTheme).

  • I think I may have answered my own question - Hover Box shortcode?  
  • If we think about the same, then Hover Box item should be perfect.
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