Critical error on wp / Betheme


I received yesterday evening an error message from WP on one of my BeTheme run sites. I checked this forum, noticed that somebody had a similar problem and changed the the theme from BeTheme Child theme to original BeTheme and the problem was solved.

But tonight on the same website I got a new critical error message (where, as I said, I'm now using BeTheme, not a child theme).

The error message:

"Tiedoston /home/int46830/public_html/1/wp-content/themes/betheme/functions/builder/class-mfn-builder.php rivillä 39 havaittiin virhe lajia E_ERROR. Virheviesti: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 5242880 bytes)

How to solve this? I checked and there was no update on the theme yet.

Also I'm a bit worried that the child theme just stopped working. I haven't made any changes to it so it's basically what you've sent me on purchase download. And other people seem to have similar problems, so it's not a very durable solution to just tell customers to get rid of the child theme that we got from you.




  • Hi,

    1) Please turn off all of the plugins, refresh your cache, and check if the problem persists.

    Also, switch a child theme to a parent, and recheck it.

    2) We provide only a clean package of a child theme, but we are not responsible for the changes customers make there. As you can read in our documentation:

    Using a child theme usually means that you want to modify the core theme files. Any mistake in the code may render the page unusable. Please be careful when performing such actions because our support policy does not cover such changes and we will be not able to help you.


  • Hi!

    As I've read on other comments here on the forum and also tested myself, there's currently a conflict with the newest WP 6.1. and the newest version(s) of BeTheme. Please let me know, when the conflict is solved. It is NOT up to plugins, those I have turned off when testing. Also I am no longer using Child Themes.

    Here's a little follow up on my sites currently using BeTheme: / betheme / does not work with WP 6.1. -> started working when i downgraded with plugin to WP 6.0.3 / betheme -> stopped working immediatelly when I updated to WP 6.1

    Critical Erros: sites working but no access to WP dashboard / betheme / WP 6.1 / betheme / WP 6.1 / betheme / WP 6.1

    Sites that work / access to WP dashboard is ok: / betheme 21.7 / WP 6.1 / betheme / WP 6.1 / betheme 22.0.1 / WP 6.0.3 / betheme / WP 6.1 



  • The update fixes the WP 6.1 compatibility issue.

    Can you recheck that for one of your websites, please?

    If it will not work, please send us WordPress dashboard and FTP access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • Hi and thanks for the help and the fix in BeTheme!

    I got the problem solved using Cpanel & WP dasboard & WP Downgrade -plugin. I'll document it here in case someone else needs this too:

    1) In cpanel I changed the theme to Twenty-Twenty (compatible with WP 6.0.3

    2) After that I was able to log in to WP dashboard

    3) In Plugins installed WP downgrade, changed Settings -> WP 6.0.3 and then downgraded. After that uninstalled plugin.

    4) Activated Betheme again

    5) Updated BeTheme to BeTheme

    6) Updated WP to 6.1

    Did this already on 5 sites without any problems so really happy now!

    I'm not absolutely sure but maybe the BeTheme version did not work if WP 6.1 was installed first, since I did have the problem also before: quote from my second message today 11:33AM " / betheme / does not work with WP 6.1. -> started working when i downgraded with plugin to WP 6.0.3"

    Thanks also for the tip on how to know which licence is on which site (on other thread), will look in to that, it will come handy!



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