Issue with Blog Live Filtering after update


we updated Betheme to its latest version from version 26.3.1 to and the following Blog filtering in our main (development) home page does not work as expected, i.e. the 3 category names are displayed extremely compact. Browser's inspector displays "categories" class, with "position" attribute's parameter set to "absolute", which is not included in the previous version before the update. Setting it to "Inherit" solves the problematic effect.

Before Update (normal appearance of Blog item):

Inspector at specific "categories" class focus:

After update on the Development site (Problematic appearance of Blog Item):

Inspector at specific "categories" class focus:

Blog Muffin Item main settings follow:

Could you please look into it ASAP as this issue keeps are back from updating the theme on our production website.

Thank you,

Petros Louca


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